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Revelations in writing

Welcome to my page of writings, articles, and much more,  which I hope helps you to understand the love humans have, difficulties, and understanding in such a fast paced world. Please enjoy the words that are here to nourish your soul. God Bless.





The day started cold and blustery but by noon the sky above Our Lady Queen of Peace Cemetery cleared to a crystalline blue.

If there is such a thing as a good day for a funeral, this was it.

And if there is anything sadder than an infant’s funeral, it is the funeral of an infant with no family to mourn him.

The Rev. Gabriel Ghanoum gave all the credit for the sunshine to Baby Dominique...Read More

I'm a title

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” (Ghandi)


Last week, NBC nightly news aired a series “Making a difference.” This series profiled ordinary people doing extraordinary things, helping neighbors or even complete strangers to find meaning and a sense of belonging. These people really believed in a cause larger than themselves and made a difference for others.


When we look at our own lives, do we ask ourselves, “Do I make a difference in the life of others?” Read More...


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with you

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• Work/Life/Balance: Increase

motivation, strategies and productvity



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