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Holy Services


Weddings are a blessed event and if ou would like to get married at St. Nicolas Church, please

​To inquire about any of our services


 Tel: (561) 499-3161

Sunday School

Children's Sunday School Starts September 7th - every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.


Call to sign up your son or daughter

Tel:  (561) 499-3161

Special Prayer 


​To request a special prayer for a loved one please e-mail at


or call :  (561) 499-3161


Sacramental Mystery of Holy Crowning (Marriage)
Those planning to marry should contact the rectory no less than six month in advance.

Sacramental Mystery of Confession / Reconciliation
Available before and after each liturgy and by appointment.

Sacramental Mystery of Christian Initiation
Baptism, Chrismation and Eucharist form the Sacraments of CHRISTIAN INITIATION. Expectant parents should contact the rectory prior to the birth of the child (two - three months) for the required Catechesis Program.

Sacrament of Holy Anointing
Please notify the Church Office if you wish to have the priest come to give Holy Communion and/or anoint, with Holy Oils, anyone who is ill at home, hospital, or nursing home. These sacramental mysteries are given for the healing of the soul and body at any time and not as Last Rite. In case of emergency, please call (305) 794-5716

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